Jazz SMS Packages | Uncover Jazz’s Best SMS Packages to Keep You Texting in 2024

Jazz introduced the Jazz SMS Packages which offers daily, weekly, and monthly SMS bundles at an reasonable price. Here in this article, we compile all related information about this bundle briefly for the ease of our readers. we all know that Jazz has become one the best and fastest telecom companies all over Pakistan with users of around 55 million.

Jazz SMS Daily Package

Jazz users who love texting and spend a lot of time chatting with their loved ones through messaging and can’t afford to burden on their pockets and want some special bundle for them then this offer is for them.

Jazz Daily SMS Packages

1. Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

This Jazz SMS Package is designed for those who love texting as well as spending time on WhatsApp. Activating this bundle users will get 1800 free SMS to send all Networks, and 10 MBs of data for WhatsApp use. It’s actually a perfect offer for those customers who love to stay connected through messaging and WhatsApp chatting. Users can activate this by dialing Daily SMS and WhatsApp Package code.


Subscription code*334#
Status string*334*3#
SMS 1800
WhatsApp data10 MBs
Validity1 Day
Subscription priceRS 10 incl.Tax
Jazz Advance Loan Code*112#
Jazz Balance Check Code*111#
Jazz Number Check Code*99#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

2. Jazz One-Day SMS Package

If you are looking for a basic Daily SMS Package, then Jazz introduced you Jazz One Day SMS Package. After subscribing to this offer users will get 150 free SMS to all Networks, allowing you to send or receive SMS whole without any interruption. Through this package, users can remain in touch simply and affordably. To activate this bundle users have to dial the activation code *106*1#.


To subscribe*106*1#
Validity1 Day
Subscription priceRS 2.38 incl. Tax
Jazz One Day SMS Package

Daily SMS Package

For those customers who require more SMS and no other resources, this Jazz SMS Package Daily offers a generous amount of free SMS. By dialing the activation code users will get 1200 free SMS to share their day with their family and colleagues. It’s the perfect offer for those who remain in touch without any limitations. To activate this daily SMS package, users have to dial *101*1*01#.


To subscribe*101*1*01#
Validity1 Day
Subscription priceRS 4.77 incl. Tax
Daily SMS Package

Jazz SMS Package Monthly

Jazz always tries to introduce the best and most affordable bundles for its customers. Now the time brings a new Jazz SMS Package Monthly at a reasonable price. Subscribing to this bundle users will get 5000 SMS and 5000 MBs.


To subscribe*101*1*02#
Status code *101*2*02#
Internet data5000 MBs
Validity 30 Days
Subscription feeRS 250 incl. Tax

1. Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 30 Rupees | Only SMS Package Jazz Monthly

This SMS Package is the perfect choice for anyone who prefers texting over making lengthy calls or chatting on Social media Apps like WhatsApp, and Snapchat. With this jazz SMS package users get a handsome amount of 10000 free SMS that is useful for sending text on any Network in Pakistan. If you are a regular texter or text lover this is a perfect choice. The best of this bundle is that there is no limit to texting, you can always send and receive messages at any time at any place. You can also discover more offers like Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package, and Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Package.

Jazz Monthly SMS Package in 30 rupees


To subscribe*330# and follows steps
Validity30 Days
Subscription feeRS 30 incl. Tax

How to activate

. First dial *330# from your Jazz sim.

. then reply with 3 to choose 30 Days Validity.

. then reply with 1 to continue the subscription process.

. after this reply with 0 and then the next step.

. again reply with 0 and then the next step.

. enter 10000 to avail of the subscription of 10000.

. then reply with 1 to confirm your choice.


Here in this article, we compile the list of Jazz SMS packages ( Daily and Weekly ). All these bundles are affordable and easy to subscribe to, now you can subscribe to any bundle from one of them according to your needs. You can also visit the Jazz SMS Packages like Jazz Weekly SMS Package, this offer is also available at a low price.

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