Best Jazz Weekly SMS Package 2024 | The Power of Weekly Words with Non-Stop Messaging

Jazz introduced a range of internet offers among which the Jazz Weekly SMS Package is your go-to solution. Nowadays texting plays a key role in our Daily lives, and finding the right package has become more essential than ever before. Maintaining a good balance between your budget and offers is a trick. This Jazz Weekly Package meets all your worries about texting your loved ones without any interruption.

Are you a student trying to coordinate group projects, a professional reaching out to clients, or someone who wants to love chatting with their friends and family members, this SMS Package Jazz Weekly will help you.

Throughout this article, we will explore important details related to this bundle, including its charges, validity, activation code, and terms & conditions.

Jazz SMS Package Weekly Details

This Only SMS Package Jazz Weekly is designed for all of your messaging needs. For a subscription fee of just RS 30 incl. tax, you get access to 1500 SMS and 25 MBs of Data for WhatsApp use. Using these MBs of data you can chat send videos and many other things on WhatsApp. This offer is also perfect for those who prefer texting over making calls. For other WhatsApp packages, consider the Jazz Monthly WhatsApp Package, and Jazz Weekly WhatsApp Package.

If you are one of those who believe in word power and prefer texting-based conservation over lengthy calls then this unique bundle is the perfect match for you.

Jazz Weekly SMS Package Details


To subscribe*101*1*07#
Internet data25 MBs for WhatsApp use
Validity7 Days
Subscription feeRS 30 incl. Tax

Offer charges

For the activation of only SMS Package Jazz Weekly, you will be charged RS 30 incl. Tax.

This unique and fantastic bundle allows you to use and enjoy 1500 SMS and 25 MBs of data for a whole week.


This package allows you to use its benefits for a full week, which means you activate this bundle for a validity period of 7 Days you can get benefits from the resources of this offer.

Jazz SMS Package Code

Subscribing to Jazz SMS Package Weekly is a straightforward process. You just have to dial the activation code which is *101*1*07# and you will be subscribed to this offer.

jazz SMS Package code

Jazz SMS Package Check Code

If you want to monitor the status of your SMS Package Jazz Weekly just dial *101*2*07#.

jazz SMS Package Check Code

And if you want to get info on this offer dial *101*3*07#.

SMS Package Jazz Weekly deactivation Code

For any reason you want to unsubscribe this Jazz SMS Package Weekly is simple.

You just need to dial *101*4*07# to deactivate this bundle.

SMS Package Jazz Weekly Deactivation Code


The Jazz SMS Package Weekly is a wonderful choice for those who want to remain in touch with their loved ones without being heavy on their budget. We have shared all related information about this bundle. Now just activate this bundle following the method mentioned above and get benefits from this offer for a whole week.

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