The Best Guide with Seamless Connectivity to Onic Pakistan Sim Packages 2024

Onic Pakistan has taken the cellular market by storm, offering unbeatable value to users across the country. Onic Pakistan sim Packages are creating more strong bond among the users choosing right packages for usage according to the pioneering virtual mobile network operator (MVNO).

If you’re looking for the perfect Onic SIM to fulfill your communication needs, this guide will walk you through all the plan options, bundles, and process of getting started with Onic.

Do you know About Onic Pakistan?

Onic Sim Pakistan’s launch date is August 14th, 2023. Onic brings a 100% digital mobile experience for the modern user. Without the overhead of physical stores, Onic passes significant savings to users through attractive packages and incentives.

Onic tunes packages specifically for Pakistani consumer behaviors and requirements. The offerings showcase a strategic blend of minutes, SMS, and high-speed mobile data. Users enjoy excellent network coverage spanning over 1000 cities powered by Ufone’s robust infrastructure.

With affordable prepaid and postpaid plans, free eSIM activation, and easy digital subscription management through their app, Onic removes hassles and introduces unparalleled value in Pakistan’s cellular landscape.

Onic Sim Packages

Onic Sim Packages

Onic Pakistan caters to diverse needs with three enticing packages: Epic, Iconic, and Limitless. Each plan offers unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, 30-day validity, 4G connectivity, and a data rollover feature. The key differences lie in the allocated data and SMS. Let’s explore the packages:


Price (PKR)Internet (GB)All Net MinsSMS


Price (PKR)Internet (GB)All Net MinsSMS


Price (PKR)Internet (GB)All Net MinsSMS

Switching between plans is hassle-free through the Onic app or website, with the option to top up data or SMS as needed.

Onic Prepaid Packages for Short-Term Needs

Onic’s prepaid plans are an ideal choice if you want the flexibility of no-contract recharges. Onic tailors the different prepaid packages for various usage requirements.

Onic Sim Pakistan packages monthly

Monthly Starter

At just Rs. 300, this monthly prepaid plan provides 3GB data, 300 Onic minutes, 300 SMS, and 25 off-net minutes valid for 30 days. It caters to entry-level users with basic communication requirements.

Monthly Price (Rs.)Features
3003GB data, 300 Onic minutes, 300 SMS, 25 off-net minutes (30 days)

Monthly Max

For extensive users, the Monthly Max plan delivers 8GB of data, unlimited on-net minutes, 12,000 off-net minutes, and 100 SMS per day at Rs. 750 for 30 days. It’s the highest-end monthly prepaid offering from Onic.

Monthly Price (Rs.)Features
7508GB data, unlimited on-net minutes, 12,000 off-net minutes, 100 SMS/day (30 days)

Daily SMS/Data Plans

These low-cost packages are a smart choice for users with minimal requirements. Options are available from Rs. 15 to Rs. 30 that come with daily quotas of SMS, minutes, and data. It’s a convenient way to fulfill short-term communication needs.

Monthly Price (Rs.)Features
15-30 (varies)Daily quotas of SMS, minutes, and data (minimal requirements)

Weekly Recharge

The weekly prepaid bundle offers a well-rounded package for just Rs. 250. You get unlimited on-net minutes, 3000 minutes to other local networks, 100 SMS, and 4GB of data valid for 7 days. It’s great value for moderate week-long use.

Monthly Price (Rs.)Features
250Unlimited on-net minutes, 3000 minutes to other networks, 100 SMS, 4GB data (7 days)

Social Data Plans

These data-centric monthly plans are purpose-built for social media usage starting at Rs. 125. You get data budgets focused on popular social and messaging apps without minutes or SMS.

Onic Postpaid Plans for Worry-Free Usage

If you want the predictability of fixed monthly billing, Onic’s postpaid plans are an excellent option. Let’s explore the different postpaid offerings.

Starter Pack

With a monthly rate of Rs. 400, you get 250 minutes, 100 SMS, and 1GB of 4G data. It’s an affordable starter pack for conservative users.

Monthly Price (Rs.)Features
400250 minutes, 100 SMS, 1GB 4G data

Talk & Text

Priced at Rs. 700, this plan offers unlimited on-net minutes, 100 off-net minutes, and 500 SMS. A great pick for users focused on calls and texts.

Monthly Price (Rs.)Features
700Unlimited on-net minutes, 100 off-net minutes, 500 SMS

Basic Pack

For Rs. 850 per month, you can enjoy 500 minutes, 300 SMS, and 2GB of high-speed data on this well-balanced plan.

Monthly Price (Rs.)Features
850500 minutes, 300 SMS, 2GB high-speed data

Power User

This high-allowance plan gives 3000 minutes, 500 SMS, and 6GB data for Rs. 1250/month. Ideal for extensive callers and texters.

Monthly Price (Rs.)Features
12503000 minutes, 500 SMS, 6GB data

Top of Form

Max Pro

The top-tier postpaid plan priced at Rs. 1600 monthly provides unlimited network minutes, 100 SMS daily, and 20GB blazing-fast 4G data. Tailored for power users with heavy usage.

Monthly Price (Rs.)Features
1600Unlimited minutes, 100 SMS/day, 20GB 4G data

Onic Sim Price in Pakistan

When you join Onic Pakistan, you don’t have to worry about paying for the SIM card. They’ve made it super easy by making the SIM card free. So, the only thing you’ll need to spend on is choosing the package that fits your needs and what you like. No need to shell out money for the SIM card – it’s on the house!

Onic Sim Price In Pakistan

Getting Your Onic SIM

Getting started with Onic prepaid or postpaid connections is quick and convenient. Follow this step-by-step process to become an Onic user.

Option 1- Online Registration

  • Visit Onic Pakistan’s website or mobile app
  • Choose your preferred prepaid or postpaid plan
  • Select the physical SIM or eSIM option
  • Provide your particulars like name, contact, CNIC, and delivery address
  • Make payment via credit/debit card, Easy Paisa, Jazz Cash, etc.
  • Onic will deliver your activated SIM to your doorstep

Option 2 – Retail Outlet

  • Find an authorized Onic retailer near you
  • Share your credentials and SIM choice
  • Select a suitable Onic package and make payment
  • Your SIM will be activated and ready for use

Onic Sim Price in Pakistan and Promotions

Onic sweetens the deal with two promotional offers: Rs 500 vouchers for Daraz and Golootlo on new SIM activations and up to Rs 300 discount on all packages. The Onic SIM price ranges from PKR 100 to PKR 150, with SIM cards bearing serial numbers starting with 0339.

Why Choose Onic Pakistan?

Among the crowded Pakistani telco market, what makes Onic stand out?

1. Affordable Pricing

Onic offers very economical packages. Their prepaid and postpaid plans offer high value at low rates.

2. Digital Convenience

Get your SIM delivered while activating and managing services digitally through Onic’s mobile app and website.

3. Generous Data

Plans come bundled with ample high-speed 4G data quotas for extensive mobile usage.

4. Flexibility

Prepaid recharges provide flexibility while postpaid plans offer billing convenience. Switching between plans is also easy.

5. Excellent Coverage

With Ufone’s network strength, users enjoy seamless connectivity across Pakistan.

6. Clear Call Quality

Onic users experience clear calling and lower call drop rates for high-quality voice services.

7. Portability

Migrating your existing number to Onic at the time of registration is straightforward.

8. Focused Plans

Specialized plans like social media bundles cater to specific usage behavior.

9. Top-Notch Customer Service

Prompt resolution of queries and issues through 24/7 live chat, email, IVR, and social media support.


Onic Pakistan is not just a SIM card; it’s a new way to experience mobile services. With control, convenience, and choice, Onic invites you to join the Purple Reign and unlock the potential of your digital life. Order your Onic SIM today and embrace a future of connectivity like never before.


What is the process of getting an Onic SIM?

You can easily secure a preactivated Onic SIM via online registration on their website/app or by visiting an authorized retailer. Share your credentials and delivery details to get started.

What verification is needed for a new Onic connection?

CNIC copy and biometric verification are required when getting an Onic SIM activated, for both prepaid and postpaid.

How long is the Onic SIM activation process?

Online registrations are activated and delivered within 24 hours. In-store activations are instant upon verification.

Can I port my number to Onic from another network?

Yes, you can seamlessly port in your existing number to Onic when signing up by providing your number details.

How do I recharge my Onic prepaid SIM?

You can easily recharge your prepaid account via Onic’s mobile app, website, retailers, ATMs, or through scratch cards.

Can I switch from Onic prepaid to postpaid plans?

You can conveniently change between prepaid and postpaid plans without changing your number. Just select your preferred plan.

How is billing done for Onic postpaid plans?

You get a detailed monthly bill on your email. Auto-debit options are also available for convenient payments.

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