Prepaid Telenor Internet Packages | Find the Perfect and Best Data Pack  in 2024

Since 1855, Telenor has been at the forefront of connecting Norway through telecommunications. What started as a modest telegraph business has transformed into the country’s leading telecom operator today, enriching millions of lives.

Telenor has constantly innovated to expand its network across Norway over the years. Recently, it has partnered to offer social media and video streaming bundles starting from Re 1 per day. But the ‘Telenor Raat Din’ 1.5GB night data offer for just Rs 18 is its most popular plan, enabling 24×7 high-speed internet access. For over 165 years, Telenor has been empowering Norwegians through affordable data plans tailored to diverse needs. Its pioneering legacy and customer focus make Telenor the telecom provider of choice for generations of users.

Telenor, a telecommunications company with a rich history dating back to its inception in 1855, has evolved into a modern provider of internet services. With a focus on meeting the diverse needs of its customers, Telenor offers a variety of Telenor internet packages daily 24 24-hour, Telenor internet packages weekly, and Telenor monthly internet packages. Let’s explore these packages in detail.

Telenor Daily Internet Packages

Telenor offers an array of daily internet packages designed for the convenience of prepaid users seeking short-term mobile data solutions. The Daily Lite Bundle provides 1GB of data for seamless daily connectivity. Social media enthusiasts can opt for the Telenor Social Pack, offering 100MB dedicated to Facebook and WhatsApp. Users with higher data needs can explore the Daily Heavy Bundle, providing 2GB for a day. Some popular daily packages offered by Telenor are:

  1. Daily Telenor Social Pack
  2. Daily Youtube Package
  3. 4g Daily Lite Bundle
  4. Raat Din Offer
Telenor daily internet packages

Daily Telenor Social Pack

The Daily Telenor Social Pack offers 70MB of data for Rs 3. The data is specifically for using social media apps, including Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp. The Telenor internet package activation code is *311#, valid for 1 day.

Rs 3Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp70MB*311#1 day

Daily YouTube Package

With the Daily YouTube Package, users can enjoy 500MB of high-speed data for watching and streaming YouTube videos. Users can avail of the Daily YouTube Package for Rs 8 and subscribe by dialling *60#. The bundle is valid for 1 day.

Rs 8YouTube500MB*60#1 day

4G Daily Lite Bundle

The 4G Daily Lite Bundle provides 250MB of 4G data for Rs 15. The data allows for all kinds of browsing and app usage. Validity is 1 day, and the activation code is *13#.

Rs 15250MB4G*13#1 day

Raat Din Offer

As the name suggests, the Raat Din Offer gives 1.5GB mobile data valid from 12 AM to 12 PM. So users can enjoy late-night high-speed internet. The cost of this 12-hour validity package is Rs 18 only. The code for the subscription is *150#.

Rs 181.5GB12 AM – 12 PM*150#12 hours

Some other prominent daily bundles offered by Telenor are:

  • Daily 4G Bundle (200MB data for Rs 12)
  • Daily Internet Bundle (500MB for Rs 40)
  • Daily More Internet Bundle (1GB for Rs 76)

The daily bundles are incredible for users who want mobile internet access on a day-to-day basis without longer-term commitments. The packages are affordable with high-speed data.

Telenor Weekly Internet Packages

The Weekly Internet All-In-One package is a comprehensive solution for Telenor prepaid users seeking uninterrupted connectivity throughout the week. This inclusive bundle offers a substantial data volume and includes free on-net and off-net minutes. Social media enthusiasts can specifically opt for Telenor’s Weekly WhatsApp Package, catering to their messaging and multimedia needs. if you are a daily users of Telenor operator then you love Telenor Call Packages. Additionally, Telenor provides a Weekly 40GB package, ensuring ample data for diverse online activities. These weekly internet packages are designed to accommodate various usage preferences, providing flexibility and value for users who require consistent connectivity throughout the week. Some popular options are:

  1. 4g Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle
  2. Weekly Internet All-In-One
  3. 4G Weekly Super
  4. 4G Weekly Ultra
Telenor weekly internet packages

4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle

The 4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle offers unlimited 4G data for a week at just Rs 102. 1 AM to 7 PM time applies. You can subscribe to the 4G Weekly Unlimited Internet Bundle by dialling the code 345144#.

Rs 102Unlimited4G345144#7 days (1 AM – 7 PM)

Weekly Internet All-In-One

The Weekly Internet All-In-One provides 1.5GB data, 1000 on-net minutes, and 50 off-net minutes for Rs 130. You can activate it by dialling the code 34575#, valid for 7 days.

PriceDataOn-net MinsOff-net MinsCodeValidity
Rs 1301.5GB10005034575#7 days

4G Weekly Super

The 4G Weekly Super is an exciting bundle offering 4GB of data, including 2GB from 1 AM to 11 AM. The price is Rs 120, and the activation code is *288#. The validity is 7 days.

PriceTotal DataNighttime DataCodeValidity
Rs 1204GB2GB (1 AM – 11 AM)*288#7 days

4G Weekly Ultra

The 4G Weekly Ultra package provides 8GB of data and 1GB of data that can be used exclusively on SoundCloud and Patari music apps. The price is Rs 185; activation is done through *336# code. This bundle is valid for 7 days.

PriceTotal DataMusic Apps DataCodeValidity
Rs 1858GB1GB (SoundCloud, Patari)*336#7 days

Some other good weekly bundles by Telenor are:

  • 4G Weekly Gamebox (8GB data for Rs 180)
  • Weekly Internet All in One Plus (5GB data + 500 mins + Rs 50 balance for Rs 190)
  • 4G Weekly Ultra Plus (20GB data for Rs 240)

With ample data and reasonable prices, these weekly packages are great for uninterrupted internet.

Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

For Telenor prepaid users seeking long-term connectivity solutions, the Monthly Internet Packages bring convenience with automatic monthly renewals. These plans cater to diverse needs, offering options like the Monthly WhatsApp and Facebook packages, ensuring seamless social media usage. Users with higher data requirements can explore the Monthly 100GB package, providing an extensive data allowance for various online activities. Telenor’s Monthly Internet Packages are designed for those who prefer the ease of monthly subscriptions, providing ample data volumes to keep users connected throughout the month. Some popular monthly data plans are:

  1. Monthly Facebook & WhatsApp Offer
  2. 4G Monthly Lite
  3. 4G Monthly Starter Bundle
  4. 4G Monthly Ultra
Telenor Monthly Internet Packages

Monthly Facebook & WhatsApp Offer

The Monthly Facebook & WhatsApp Offer includes 100MB of regular data and 3GB of data exclusively for Facebook and WhatsApp usage. The cost is Rs 50, and activation is through the *911# code. The validity is 30 days.

PriceRegular DataFacebook & WhatsApp DataCodeValidity
Rs 50100MB3GB*911#30 days

4G Monthly Lite

The 4G Monthly Lite offers 4GB of data, including 2GB of data allotted for usage between 1 AM and 11 AM. The price is Rs 190, and the activation code is *301#. This bundle is valid for 30 days.

PriceTotal DataNighttime DataCodeValidity
Rs 1904GB2GB (1 AM – 11 AM)*301#30 days

4G Monthly Starter Bundle

The 4G Monthly Starter Bundle gives you 8GB data, with 4GB data exclusively for night usage. The subscription code is *302#, and the price is Rs 310. The validity period is 30 days.

PriceTotal DataNighttime DataCodeValidity
Rs 3108GB4GB*302#30 days

4G Monthly Ultra

The 4G Monthly Ultra is an exciting package for heavy data users with 20GB of 4G data, including 10GB of data from 12 PM to 8 AM time-belt. The Activation code is *335#, and the price is Rs 450. Validity is 30 days.

PriceDataNight-time DataCodeValidity
Rs 45020GB10GB (12 PM – 8 AM)*335#30 days

Some other excellent monthly data plans by Telenor:

  • Monthly All-in-One (5GB data + Rs 150 off-net balance for Rs 418)
  • 4G Monthly Super (12GB data for Rs 350)
  • 4G Monthly Ultra Plus (50GB data for Rs 700)

These monthly data plans provide excellent value to regular internet users who want the convenience of auto monthly renewal of their data.

Telenor Other Internet Packages

In addition to the above categories, Telenor provides special internet packages as one-time bundles or other validity durations. Some of these include:

Telenor other internet packages

All-in-One Offer

The All in One Offer provides 500MB of data and a Rs 75 balance for approximately Rs 55. The validity is 3 days, and activation is through the 34545# code.

Rs 55500MBRs 7534545#3 days

4G 3 Days Bundle

The 4G 3 Days Bundle offers 1GB total data, including 500MB allotted for nighttime usage from 12 AM to 8 AM. You can purchase the 4G 3 Days Bundle for Rs 44, valid for 3 days. Activation is through *32# code.

PriceTotal DataNighttime DataCodeValidity
Rs 441GB500MB (12 AM – 8 AM)*32#3 days


Telenor provides prepaid mobile internet packages in Pakistan catering to all customers with bundles of varying durations, data amounts, and prices. The daily, weekly, and monthly plans provide great flexibility, while the unlimited and special bundles allow users to enjoy unlimited internet or data for specific apps. Considering the quality of service and coverage, these internet packages present great value overall.


How can I check the remaining balance of data on my Telenor package?

You can check your remaining data balance by dialling *123# or using the My Telenor app.

Can I subscribe to multiple internet packages on Telenor simultaneously?

You can activate another package and any existing offer to meet your data and usage requirements.

Are Telenor internet package prices the same for all regions in Pakistan?

Package prices may vary based on location, such as KPK, Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, etc.

What happens to my remaining data, minutes, and SMS at the end of the package duration?

The remaining data, minutes, and SMS will be merged if you re-subscribe to the same offer before it expires. Otherwise, standard rates may apply for additional usage.

Is there a free internet package available for Telenor users?

Yes, Telenor offers a ‘Sim Lagao Offer’ where reactivating your old Telenor sim provides free data, SMS, and minutes for 90 days.

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