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In this fast era, staying connected with friends and family is a top priority for mobile users. Telenor Pakistan offers different Telenor SMS packages to meet this need. Because it understands the importance of seamless communication. Telenor offers various SMS packages to cater to diverse user needs, including daily, weekly, monthly, and specialized bundles. Let’s delve into the details of these packages to help you choose the one that suits your communication requirements.

Telenor SMS Package Daily

Telenor SMS package cater to users who seek cost-effective and efficient communication daily. The ‘Daily Messaging Bundle’ at just Rs 2.50 (including tax) offers a generous 300 SMS for a validity of 1 day. For those requiring a slightly higher SMS limit, the ‘Daily SMS Bundle’ provides 240 SMS at Rs 4.78 (including tax). These packages are affordable and convenient for users who want a quick and economical solution for their daily messaging needs. Additionally, if you are prepaid users of Telenor operator then you will Telenor Call Packages.

Telenor SMS Packages Daily

Daily Messaging Bundle

PriceSMSSubscription CodeAdvance Loan CodeValidity
Rs 2.5 (Including TAX)300*2*2*1# *0#1 Day 

Daily SMS Bundle

PriceSMSSubscription CodeAdvance Loan CodeValidity
Rs 4.78 (Including TAX)240 *345*116# *0#1 Day 

Telenor recognizes the need for affordable Telenor SMS package 24 hours a day, and these offerings provide users with ample messages at pocket-friendly rates.

Telenor Weekly SMS Packages

Telenor SMS package strike the right balance between cost and quantity weekly, making them ideal for users with varied messaging needs. The ‘Weekly Messaging Offer’ provides 1200 SMS and 100 WhatsApp MB at a reasonable cost of Rs 11.95. Similarly, the ‘Weekly SMS Bundle’ offers 1200 SMS at Rs 15.50. These Telenor SMS package weekly ensure users stay connected throughout the week without breaking the bank, making them a popular choice among Telenor subscribers. Telenor also providing budget friendly Telenor Internet Packages.

Telenor Weekly SMS Package

Weekly Messaging Offer

PriceSMSSubscription CodeWhatsApp MBValidity
Rs 11.951200*2*2*2#1007 Days 

Weekly SMS Bundle

PriceSMSSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 15.501200*345*117# 7 Days 

For users looking for a balance between cost and quantity, the 7-day Telenor SMS package weekly offers generous message allowances for a week.

Telenor SMS Package Monthly

The Telenor SMS monthly offer is a messaging allowance for users seeking a more extended commitment. The ‘Monthly Messaging Bundle’ boasts a massive 10,000 SMS and 300 MB for WhatsApp and Facebook at just Rs 50 (including tax). Meanwhile, the ‘Monthly SMS Bundle’ provides 10,000 SMS and 1 GB of WhatsApp at Rs 60 (including tax). Users who prefer the convenience of a monthly subscription can avail of these packages, which ensure a consistent flow of messages throughout the month.

Telenor SMS Package Monthly

Monthly Messaging Bundle

PriceSMSSubscription CodeValidityWhatsApp+Facebook MB
Rs 50 (Including TAX)10,000 *2*2*3# 30 Days300 

Monthly SMS Bundle

PriceSMSSubscription CodeValidityWhatsApp MB
Rs 60 (Including TAX)10,000 *345*363# 30 Days1 GB 

For users who prefer monthly commitments, these packages provide an abundance of SMS and additional social media data.

Telenor Others SMS Packages

Telenor’s miscellaneous SMS packages offer flexibility and cater to specific user preferences. The ‘5 Day SMS Bundle’ at Rs 8.50 suits those looking to manage their wireless costs efficiently. Another option is the Telenor SMS package 15 days with the name ’15 Day Economy SMS Bundle’ providing 800 SMS at Rs 17 (including tax) for a longer duration. Telenor ensures users have diverse choices, including the ’15 Day Messaging Bundle’ with 3500 free SMS and 200 MB data, catering to different needs and preferences.

5Day SMS Bundle

PriceSMSSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 8.50300*345*015# 5 Days

15 Day Economy SMS Bundle

PriceSMSSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 17 (Including TAX)800*345*112#15 Days 

15-Day Messaging Bundle

PriceSMSSubscription CodeValidityWhatsApp MB
Rs 41.833500*2*2*5# 15 Days 200

These packages cater to diverse needs, offering flexibility in terms of duration and quantity of SMS.

How to Subscribe and Check Balance

To subscribe to a Telenor SMS package, dial the provided subscription code. For Telenor SMS package balance check, dial *444#.


Each Telenor SMS package is designed to provide users with tailored solutions, ensuring cost-effectiveness and convenience in their daily communication needs. Whether it’s a short-term commitment or a month-long subscription, Telenor offers a variety of options to suit the preferences of its diverse user base. 

Telenor ensures that users have many options, providing convenient and cost-effective solutions for their communication needs. Stay connected with Telenor’s SMS packages that offer the right balance of affordability and quantity.

Recommended Offers

3-Day Sahulat Offer

  • Rs. 52 incl. tax
  • Internet: 50MB + 100MB for WhatsApp, Twitter & Facebook
  • Onnet: 250 Minutes

4G Weekly Super

  • Rs. 120 incl. tax
  • Internet: 4000MB (incl. 2000MB 1 AM to 11 AM)
  • Validity: 7 Days

Daily YouTube Package

  • Rs. 8 incl. Tax
  • Internet: 500 MB
  • Validity: 1 day (till midnight)

4G Monthly Starter Bundle

  • Rs. 370 incl. tax
  • Internet: 8 GB (incl. 4 GB 1AM – 7AM)
  • Validity: 30 Days


How do you check the SMS balance after subscription?

Dial *111# (Charges Rs. 0.24) to check the Free SMS Balance after subscription.

Can free SMS be used for any network in the country?

Yes, free SMS can be used for any network in the country.

Are these offers limited-time promotions?

Some offers are limited-time promotions, and checking for the latest updates is advisable.

How should I activate the offer through the website or My Telenor App?

To activate the offer through the website or My Telenor App, visit the respective platform and follow the instructions. All Telenor subscribers are eligible for this option.

Is there a code to unsubscribe from a Telenor SMS package?

To unsubscribe from a Telenor SMS package, dial the relevant code provided in the package details. Keep in mind that unsubscribing may have specific terms and conditions.

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