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Telenor offers a great range of Telenor WhatsApp packages catering to consumer needs and usage patterns. The daily, weekly, and monthly bundles provide affordable data allocation specifically for WhatsApp usage with hassle-free activation codes. For light to heavy users, budget-conscious subscribers, and everyone in between, Telenor has a WhatsApp package to provide seamless connectivity on the popular messaging platform.

Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly

Telenor WhatsApp package monthly allows you to stay connected with your loved ones throughout the month without worrying about your data balance. These convenient bundles give you a sufficient data allowance to chat, call, and share photos and videos seamlessly on WhatsApp. Telenor also offering Telenor Internet Packages.

Telenor offers monthly WhatsApp packages with ample data volume like 1500MB, 2500MB, 4000MB, etc. The bundles lasting 30 days are perfect for frequent WhatsApp users. The monthly WhatsApp package can be subscribed to by dialing *247#, *911#, *660#, and other shortcodes.

Some popular monthly WhatsApp packages from Telenor are:

Telenor Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Telenor Monthly Affordable WhatsApp Package

This is Telenor’s most affordable monthly WhatsApp package, perfect for light to moderate users. For just Rs. 25, you get a generous 1500MB of data allocated specifically for WhatsApp. This allows you to chat, make calls, and share photos and videos seamlessly throughout the month. The 30-day validity allows you to use WhatsApp as needed without worrying about your data balance. With the hassle-free *247# activation code, you can immediately subscribe and use this package. It is one of the best-value monthly WhatsApp bundles in Pakistan.

1500MB30 daysRs. 25*247#

Telenor Monthly Social Pack

This monthly bundle from Telenor provides 2500MB of data allocated for WhatsApp usage, valid for 30 days. By subscribing with code *911#, you get ample data volume, allowing you to use WhatsApp extensively throughout the month for messaging, calling, sharing media, etc. The long validity gives you great flexibility in WhatsApp usage without cutting your balance. It is an ideal package for frequent WhatsApp users who rely on the platform for social connectivity. Overall, it delivers great value at just Rs. 60.

2500MB30 daysRs. 60*911#

Telenor Monthly Social Pack Plus: Telenor WhatsApp Package Monthly 4000 MB

This is one of the most complete monthly bundles from Telenor. For Rs. 85, you get a massive 4000MB of data for seamless WhatsApp usage, valid for 30 full days. On top of that, you also get 1000 SMS to any network, making this great value overall. With ample WhatsApp data volume and SMS allowance, you can stay socially connected throughout the month without worry. Just dial *660# to subscribe and unlock the power of this monthly social package.

4000MB100030 daysRs. 85*660#

The monthly WhatsApp bundles allow you to stay socially connected throughout the month without worrying about your data balance. The long validity allows you to use WhatsApp extensively for chatting, calling, sharing media, etc. Overall, Telenor’s monthly WhatsApp packages are convenient for staying in touch with your loved ones.

Telenor WhatsApp Package Daily

Telenor offers some great daily WhatsApp packages for users who only need data for WhatsApp on certain days. The 24-hour validity of these bundles is ideal for days you’ll rely heavily on WhatsApp.

Some Telenor daily WhatsApp packages are:

Telenor Daily WhatsApp Packages

Daily Social Pack with 50MB

This is a handy daily WhatsApp package from Telenor. For just Rs. 1.50, you get 50MB of data allocated specifically for WhatsApp usage, valid for 24 hours. The small data chunk is great for light WhatsApp users who only need to chat or make a few calls on certain days. The short validity matches your daily usage needs. With easy activation through code *311#, this is a convenient way to get your daily WhatsApp needs covered affordably.

50MB24 hoursRs. 1.50*311#

Full Day Offer

This daily bundle provides 100MB of WhatsApp data for Rs. 13, valid for one full day. The ample data volume lets you make voice and video calls, send messages, and share media on WhatsApp throughout the day. For moderate to heavy users, this is a cost-effective way to fulfill your daily WhatsApp requirements. There is no need to worry about balance with this convenient 24-hour package activated through *5*250#.

100MB24 hoursRs. 13*5*250#

Daily Social Pack with 70MB

This Telenor daily package provides 70MB of WhatsApp data for just Rs. 3, valid for 24 hours. The data allowance is great for moderate WhatsApp usage, including messaging, voice and video calls, and daily social sharing. For such an affordable price, you don’t have to worry about your balance or overspending on days you need WhatsApp access. The short validity matches your daily usage needs. Simply dial *311# to subscribe and enjoy uninterrupted WhatsApp connectivity for a full day.

70MB24 hoursRs. 3*311#

These affordable packs provide your daily WhatsApp needs without spending too much. The 24-hour validity gives you enough data for chatting, calling, and sharing media for an entire day.

The easy activation codes make subscribing to these bundles quick and convenient. Overall, Telenor’s daily WhatsApp packages offer a cost-effective way to stay connected on WhatsApp as per your daily usage needs.

Telenor WhatsApp Package Weekly

For weekly WhatsApp usage, Telenor provides some great 7-day bundles. The weekly WhatsApp packages give you just enough data to fulfill your WhatsApp needs for the entire week.

Some popular weekly WhatsApp packages from Telenor:

Telenor Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Haftawar Sahulat Offer with 350MB

This weekly WhatsApp bundle from Telenor provides 350MB of data allocated specifically for WhatsApp usage, valid for 7 days. The ample data volume allows you to chat, make calls, and share media on WhatsApp throughout the week. The weekly validity gives you flexibility while matching your regular WhatsApp requirements. It provides great value at just Rs. 120 without cutting your balance. With easy activation through *5*7#, you can subscribe to this weekly package for uninterrupted WhatsApp connectivity.

350MB7 daysRs. 120*5*7#

Weekly Social Pack

Telenor’s weekly WhatsApp package gives you 5000MB (Facebook & Whatsapp) of data allocated specifically for WhatsApp for Rs. 104. The 7-day validity provides enough WhatsApp resources to stay socially connected throughout the week. You can chat, make calls, and share photos and videos without worrying about balance for a full week. For regular WhatsApp users, this weekly bundle is very handy. Just dial *345*53# to subscribe and unlock a week of uninterrupted WhatsApp connectivity.

5000MB (Facebook & Whatsapp)7 daysRs. 104*345*53#

The weekly validity allows moderate WhatsApp users to stay connected for the entire week. The data is enough for messaging, calling, and media sharing without worrying about balance.

Telenor’s weekly WhatsApp packages provide an affordable and convenient way to use WhatsApp without interruption for 7 straight days. The hassle-free activation makes these bundles suitable for all types of users.

How to Save Telenor Balance Easily

Telenor provides Telenor balance save code 34582*143# to save your balance from getting deducted accidentally:

  • Dial 34582*143# to activate Balance Lock and secure your balance from deductions.
  • Activate the Balance Saving service by dialing *7799# to get alerts when standard charging applies.
  • Block background data for apps by disabling Mobile Data in Settings to avoid stealth deductions.
  • Subscribe to Telenor Balance Bundle for Rs. 5 monthly with code *503# to get 300MB data after the main bundle expiry.


Telenor provides a great selection of WhatsApp bundles to suit diverse consumer needs. The daily packs are ideal for light users needing data sporadically. Weekly plans provide enough resources for moderate users to be active throughout the week. For heavy users relying extensively on WhatsApp, monthly plans with generous data allocation and long validity are perfect. With easy activation codes, affordable pricing, and allocated WhatsApp data, Telenor packages enable seamless messaging, calling, and media sharing on the go. For hassle-free WhatsApp connectivity on a budget, Telenor has a package tailored for every type of user, whether daily, weekly, or monthly.


What are Telenor’s WhatsApp packages?

Telenor’s WhatsApp packages are specially designed data bundles that provide users with dedicated data allocation for using WhatsApp, including messaging, voice and video calls, and media sharing.

How do I activate a Telenor WhatsApp package?

To activate a Telenor WhatsApp package, dial the specific activation code associated with the package you want to subscribe to. For example, for the Weekly Social Pack, you would dial *345*53#.

Do these WhatsApp packages have any validity period?

Yes, each Telenor WhatsApp package has a validity period during which the allocated data can be used. The validity periods vary depending on the package, from daily to weekly or monthly.

Can I use the data from Telenor’s WhatsApp packages for other internet activities?

No, the data included in Telenor’s WhatsApp packages is exclusively for WhatsApp usage. It cannot be used for browsing other websites or apps.

How can I check the remaining balance of data in my Telenor WhatsApp package?

You can check your remaining data balance in your Telenor WhatsApp package by dialing *999# and following the instructions. This will display your remaining data balance along with the validity period.

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