Ufone All in One Packages 2024 | An Easy, Affordable and Comprehensive Plan

Ufone offers a variety of Ufone internet packages for its customers to enjoy affordable bundles of minutes, SMS, and internet. Ufone all in one packages are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to cater to different usage needs.

Ufone all in one packages daily

Ufone provides some amazing all-in-one Ufone packages daily to suit the routine communication needs of its users. These bundles offer great value and convenience as they automatically renew each day. Ufone Also introduced the best Ufone Internet Packages. Some of the most popular daily packages offered by Ufone are:

UFONE All In One Packages Daily

3 pe 3 Offer

Price (incl. tax)Rs 6Ufone & PTCL MinutesUnlimitedValidity
Subscription Code*343#2 Hours

The 3 pe 3 offer from Ufone provides unlimited on-net minutes to call all Ufone and PTCL numbers for 2 hours. It can be subscribed by dialing *343# and costs only Rs 6, including taxes. This is one of the most economical all-in-one bundles for customers who must make many on-net calls daily. It is perfect for those with friends and family on the Ufone or PTCL networks that they speak with frequently daily. With unlimited minutes, they don’t have to worry about their talk time balance reducing. This offer gives freedom to make back-to-back calls with complete befikri for 2 full hours.

Power Hour

Price (incl. tax)Rs 7.17Ufone & PTCL Minutes60
Internet60 MBSMS60
Validity1 HourSubscription Code*99#

For just Rs 7.17, the Power Hour package offers 60 minutes for calling Ufone and PTCL numbers, 60 MB of internet, and 60 SMS. It is an excellent all-round bundle for an hour of connectivity. Customers who need to make urgent calls, send important text messages, and access the internet for limited daily use can benefit from this package. The one-hour validity is perfect for quick internet searches, reading emails, checking social media, and downloading files. By dialing *99#, this Power Hour bundle can provide great value.

Daily Pakistan Offer

Price (incl. tax)Rs 21Ufone & PTCL Minutes100
Internet10 MBValidity1 Day
Subscription Code*888#

Ufone’s Daily Pakistan Offer provides Ufone call packages 24 hours with 100 minutes for on-net calls, 10 MB of mobile internet, and a daily validity. It can be availed for Rs 21, incl. taxes, by dialing *888#, giving good value. Customers who make routine calls to Ufone and PTCL numbers will find this suitable for their daily communication needs. It also offers limited internet access for primary usage like messaging, emailing, and surfing. For an affordable price, this all-round daily bundle provides convenience and flexibility.

Behesaab Offer

Price (incl. tax)Rs 17Ufone & PTCL MinutesUnlimited
Validity1 DaySubscription Code*5700#

For unlimited calling on Ufone and PTCL networks all day, customers can avail of the Behesaab Offer by dialing *5700#. This all-in-one bundle priced at Rs 17 with taxes is perfect for making daily on-net calls. With no limits on call duration, users can speak hassle-free throughout the day. It provides great value to regular callers within the Ufone and PTCL networks. Some users who need to coordinate with team members, family, and friends frequently during the day find this daily unlimited calling offer very useful.

Ufone all-in-one packages weekly

For weekly communication needs, Ufone has a weekly package with bundled minutes, messages, and data in the following handy packages:

Weekly Pakistan Offer

Price (incl. tax)Rs 122Ufone & PTCL Minutes700
Internet100 MBValidity7 Days
Subscription Code*8888#

This weekly package provides 700 minutes for on-net calls and 100 MB of data for Rs 122 taxes. It auto-renews every 7 days and can be subscribed through *8888#. Customers who make frequent calls to Ufone and PTCL numbers during the week for personal or business purposes can benefit from the ample minutes in this offer. The additional mobile internet allowance also comes in handy for light browsing, emails, messaging, and social media. Weekly renewal provides hassle-free connectivity.

Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

Price (incl. tax)Rs 140Ufone to Ufone Minutes100
Internet1 GBSMS100
Validity7 DaysSubscription Code*5050#

With 100 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 1 GB internet, 100 SMS, and weekly renewal, this is an excellent all-around package available for Rs 140, including taxes, by dialing *5050#. Customers who wish to combine calling to Ufone numbers, texting capabilities, and sufficient internet will find this bundle ideal for fulfilling their weekly communication requirements. They can stay connected with colleagues, friends, and family without worrying about running out of resources.

Super Minutes

PriceRs 190All Networks Minutes170
Validity7 DaysSubscription Code*210#

Super Minutes from Ufone provides 170 minutes to call all mobile and landline numbers in Pakistan. This weekly package can be availed for Rs 190 by Ufone prepaid subscribers through code *210#. For users who need to speak with contacts on different networks during the week, this offer provides ample minutes at an affordable price. The ease of weekly renewal makes it a convenient choice for one’s weekly calling needs.

Ufone Super Card Gold

PriceRs 1299Ufone & PTCL MinutesUnlimited*Off-Net Minutes
Internet30 GBSMSUnlimited*Validity

The Super Card Gold from Ufone is a monthly bundle that provides unlimited minutes to call Ufone and PTCL numbers. It also includes 600 minutes for off-net calls to Pakistan’s other mobile and landline networks. Customers get a generous 30GB of mobile internet and unlimited SMS (subject to fair use policy).

This is one of Ufone’s premium all-in-one packages, valid for 30 days. By dialing *900#, prepaid customers can subscribe and enjoy worry-free calling and connectivity. The unlimited on-net minutes allow speaking with Ufone and PTCL contacts hassle-free throughout the month.

The 30GB high-speed internet can be used for streaming, downloading, browsing, social media, and more. The SMS allocation enables frequent texting with loved ones. Super Card Gold provides tremendous value at Rs 1299 for customers with high communication needs. It is an excellent package for those who wish to stay securely connected while on the go.

Ufone all-in-one packages monthly

For longer validity and more resources, Ufone offers the following monthly ufone monthly package in  bundles:

UFONE All In One Packages Monthly

Monthly Pakistan Package

Price (incl. tax)Rs 460Ufone & PTCL Minutes4000
Internet400 MBValidity30 Days
Subscription Code*8888#

Top of Form

This monthly bundle gives 4000 minutes for on-net calls and 400 MB of data with a validity of 30 days at Rs 460, incl. taxes. Customers who frequently make many calls to Ufone and PTCL can subscribe through the *8888# code to avail of this offer. With sufficient minutes, users don’t have to worry about topping up balance or counting call duration for an entire month.

Super Card

PriceRs 550Ufone & PTCL Minutes1000
Off-Net Minutes150Internet1.2 GB
SMS4000Validity30 Days
Subscription Code*240#

Ufone’s Super Card provides excellent value with 1000 on-net minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 1.2 GB internet, 4000 SMS, and 30 days of validity at just Rs 550. It can be activated by dialing *240#. Customers who wish to have calling, messaging, and internet resources in one package can benefit from this offer. The combination of minutes, data, and SMS ensures users can stay connected with contacts across networks and access the internet without interruption for one month.

Super Card Plus

PriceRs 720Ufone & PTCL Minutes1200
Off-Net Minutes180Internet2 GB
SMS4200Validity30 Days
Subscription Code*250#

For Rs 720, Super Card Plus offers 1200 minutes for Ufone and PTCL numbers, 180 off-net minutes, 2 GB data, 4200 SMS, and 30 days validity. It is one of the most complete monthly bundles from Ufone. Customers with higher communication requirements find this suitable, providing ample minutes, messages, and data for uninterrupted usage. The all-in-one nature offers excellent convenience and savings.

Ufone other all-in-one packages

In addition to the above packages, Ufone also provides some other all-in-one offers valid for different durations:

Super Recharge Offer

PriceRs 70Ufone & PTCL Minutes300
Off-Net Minutes20Internet100 MB
SMS700Validity2 Days
Subscription Code*300#

Top of Form

This is a handy 2-day bundle with 300 on-net minutes, 20 off-net minutes, 100 MB data, and 700 SMS at just Rs 70. It can be availed through *300# code. This offer comes in useful when users need connectivity for a short period. It provides adequate resources for messaging, calling, and internet use for over 2 days.

Mini Super Card

PriceRs 420Ufone & PTCL Minutes500
Off-Net Minutes75Internet600 MB
SMS3500Validity15 Days
Subscription Code*230#

Mini Super Card from Ufone gives 500 on-net minutes, 75 off-net minutes, 600 MB data, and 3500 SMS and has a 15-day validity period. It is available for Rs 420 by dialing *230#. Customers who wish to have communication resources for 15 days find this offer suitable. It offers a combination of minutes, data, and SMS valid for an extended duration. Users can stay connected with their contacts without interruption.

Super Minutes

PriceRs 190All Networks Minutes170
Validity7 DaysSubscription Code*210#

This offer provides 170 minutes for calling all networks in Pakistan and validates for 7 days. It can be subscribed for Rs 190 through *210# code. Customers who wish to speak with different contacts find this weekly offer useful. It allows calling landline and cellular numbers across networks at affordable rates.


With Ufone, staying connected has never been easier. From endless talking to browsing the internet, Ufone has a plan for everyone’s needs. Their affordable packages ensure you’re always in touch without breaking the bank. Ufone has covered you whether you need it for a short time or a whole month. With straightforward pricing and excellent service, Ufone is the best choice to keep you connected without hassle. Stay connected and enjoy talking with Ufone!


What is the cheapest daily all-in-one package from Ufone?

The cheapest daily all-in-one bundle is the 3 pe 3 Offer, which provides unlimited on-net minutes for Rs 6.

Which Ufone package gives the most SMS?

The monthly Super Card Plus offer provides a maximum of 4200 SMS, minutes, and data.

How can I subscribe to the Behesaab Offer?

You can subscribe to the unlimited on-net calling Behesaab Offer by dialing *5700# from your Ufone number.

What is the validity of Ufone’s Super Recharge Offer?

The Super Recharge Offer from Ufone has a validity of 2 days.

What is the price of the Ufone Mini Super Card?

Ufone Mini Super Card is priced at Rs 420 and comes with 500 on-net minutes, 75 off-net minutes, 600MB data, and 3500 SMS with a 15-day validity.

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