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Ufone is one of the leading telecom operators in Pakistan, offering a wide range of Ufone call packages for its prepaid and postpaid customers. From daily and weekly to monthly bundles, Ufone provides multiple options to choose from as per customers’ calling needs and budgets. Using the Ufone call package code, you can use different packages according to your needs.

Ufone Call Package Daily

Ufone offers incredible daily call bundles for free on-net minutes, data, and SMS. These packages automatically renew at midnight if sufficient account balance is available. Some famous Ufone call package 24 hours offered are Best Call Offer, Power Hour, Daily Pakistan Offer, Behesaab Offer, etc. except all these packages Ufone also offering Ufone Internet Packages 

UFONE Call Packages Daily

Best Call Offer

It is one of Ufone users’ most used daily call packages. It provides unlimited Ufone to Ufone and PTCL minutes for just Rs. 6. The validity is 2 hours, and you can be subscribed by dialing *343# from your Ufone number. This offer gives unlimited free minutes to call all Ufone and PTCL numbers without daily charges. Customers can enjoy unlimited nationwide calling to their friends and family on Ufone and PTCL networks without worrying about usage limits. It provides great convenience and value, especially for people who make many calls to other Ufone and PTCL contacts.

The unlimited validity between 12 am and 12 pm makes this an attractive bundle for customers looking for an affordable calling option for late-night chats or all-day voice needs. if you want to fulfil your needs with internet and Calls bundle then must visit Ufone All In One Packages.

Price (inc. tax)Free Minutes (Ufone & PTCL)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 6Unlimited2 hours*343#

Power Hour

Power Hour from Ufone gives 60 free on-net minutes, 60 MBs of internet data, and 60 SMS. This hourly bundle can be availed for Rs. 7.17 by dialing *99# from your Ufone number. It offers one free on-net minute for every minute of the hour, allowing customers to continuously call Ufone and PTCL numbers for an entire hour without any usage deduction. It comes very handy when you urgently need to make short calls to your Ufone and PTCL contacts non-stop for an hour.

Additionally, it offers 60 MBs of mobile internet data to browse social media, emails, messaging apps, etc. With 60 free SMS included, it offers an all-round package for calling, messaging, and internet needs for an hour. The low price point makes it useful for students, daily wagers, and low-income users who want connectivity for an hour without spending much.

Price (inc. tax)Free Minutes (Ufone & PTCL)Internet Data (MBs)SMSValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 7.176060601 hour*99#

Behesaab Offer

This package offers unlimited on-net minutes on Ufone and PTCL numbers and unlimited validity between 5 am and 5 pm. It can be activated by dialing *5700# at just Rs. 14.50. This allows customers to make unlimited calls between 5 am and 5 pm to any Ufone and PTCL number across Pakistan daily.

It provides excellent value for people who must make many calls during the daytime to coordinate with colleagues, businesses, contacts, etc. Unlimited calling reduces the headache of keeping a count of minutes used during busy work hours. Unconstrained connectivity during the daytime allows users to call freely without worrying about balance deductions.

The low price and unlimited validity make it appealing for professional and personal calling during regular daytime hours.

Price (inc. tax)Free Minutes (Ufone & PTCL)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 14.50Unlimited1 day (5 am to 5 pm)*5700#

Daily Pakistan Offer

Ufone’s Daily Pakistan Offer provides 100 free on-net minutes and 10 MBs of internet. It is available at Rs. 18 and can be subscribed by dialing *888# from your Ufone number. This package caters to primary calling and connectivity needs with 100 minutes to call Ufone, PTCL numbers, and 10 MBs of mobile internet. While the minutes can be used to call contacts, relatives, businesses, etc, on Ufone/PTCL networks, the 10 MB data provides primary internet access for messaging apps, emails, and light surfing.

Users can activate this well-rounded package daily to stay connected with their personal and professional circles without spending too much. The low pricing makes it suitable for youth, students, and average users looking for affordable options for daily communication.

Price (inc. tax)Free Minutes (Ufone & PTCL)Internet Data (MBs)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 18100101 day*888#

Ufone Call Package Weekly

For people looking for weekly bundles, Ufone call packages for 7 days present some options with free minutes, SMS, and mobile data valid for seven days. Below are some popular weekly call packages offered by Ufone:

Weekly Pakistan Offer

This package has 700 free on-net minutes and 100 MBs of data valid for a week. It is available at Rs. 100 by dialing *8888# from your Ufone number. With this offer, customers can enjoy 700 minutes of free calls to any Ufone and PTCL number nationally throughout the week. So you can conveniently call your loved ones, friends, colleagues, businesses, etc, without worrying about balance deductions for the next 7 days.

The 100MB bundled data will allow users some internet access to browse and use social and messaging apps lightly without consuming the principal balance limit. This weekly offer provides a complete package for average phone users’ calling and connectivity needs for 7 straight days at an affordable rate.

Price (inc. tax)Free Minutes (Ufone & PTCL)Internet Data (MBs)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 1007001007 days*8888#

Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar weekly offer provides 100 Ufone to Ufone minutes, 100 SMS, and 1GB internet data for Rs. 120. You can activate this as a Ufone weekly package *5050#. With this weekly package, customers can enjoy free on-net calls of up to 100 minutes to any Ufone number across Pakistan for 7 days without charge. It provides flexibility to call friends, family, and acquaintances on Ufone frequently during the week as per connectivity needs.

The 100 free SMS can also be used for messaging purposes all week long. The 1GB data will allow uninterrupted internet connectivity to browse apps and social media and surf the web. This Ufone weekly bundle caters to all essential phone usage needs, including calls, SMS, and internet, for 7 days at a pocket-friendly rate.

Price (inc. tax)Free Minutes (Ufone)SMSInternet Data (GB)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 12010010017 days*5050#

Super Minutes

This weekly package by Ufone offers 100 all-network minutes for Rs. 135, valid for 7 days. Customers can subscribe by dialing *210# from your Ufone number. With this offer, you can call any local network for a week without worrying about balance deductions, including Warid to Ufone, Ufone to Telenor, zong to Ufone, Jazz, and others. It provides flexibility to call different contacts conveniently for the next 7 days even if they are not on the Ufone network.

The weekly validity relieves activating a daily bundle every day for an entire week. The 100 all-network minutes provide enough calling limit for a week to regularly communicate with most personal and professional contacts across different networks in Pakistan.

Price (inc. tax)Free Minutes (all networks)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 1351007 days*210#

Ufone Call Package Monthly

Ufone provides monthly bundles that offer great value for money with minutes, data, and SMS valid for 30 days. Some popular monthly call packages offered by Ufone are:

UFONE Call Package Monthly

Monthly Pakistan Package

This package has 4000 free on-net minutes and 400 MBs for the entire month. It is available at Rs. 418 by dialing *8888# from your Ufone number. With this package, you can enjoy 4000 minutes of free calling to any Ufone and PTCL number in Pakistan for the entire month. It provides excellent convenience to frequently call and stay connected with family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances on Ufone/PTCL networks without worrying about call charges for 30 days.

The 400MB bundled data allows decent internet usage for emails, messaging, social media, and surfing for the entire month. Overall, it offers an economical monthly solution for people who routinely need to make many calls on Ufone/PTCL networks along with some internet access.

Price (inc. tax)Free Minutes (Ufone & PTCL)Internet Data (MBs)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 418400040030 days*8888#

Super Card

Ufone Super Card monthly offer provides 1200 Ufone & PTCL minutes, 150 off-net minutes, 4000 SMS & 1200 MBs for Rs. 550. The subscription code is *240#. With this package, customers can enjoy 1200 minutes of free on-net calls, which they can use to call Ufone and PTCL numbers conveniently for a month without any usage charges. It also offers 150 off-net minutes to call other local mobile networks like Jazz, Telenor, Zong, etc. The 4000 SMS can be used for texting for the entire month.

The bundled 1200 MB data provides decent internet access to browse and use apps lightly. Overall, it gives a complete package for messaging, calling, and internet needs for 30 days at a reasonable rate. 

Price (inc. tax)Ufone/PTCL MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSInternet Data (MBs)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 55012001504000120030 days*240#

Super Card Plus

This package comes with 2000 Ufone & PTCL minutes, 225 off-net minutes, 4200 SMS & 3000 MBs for Rs. 625, valid monthly. You can subscribe by dialing *250# from your Ufone number. It allows 2000 minutes of on-net calling to Ufone and PTCL numbers nationally, providing ample call limits for the entire month. It also offers 225 off-net minutes to reach all other local networks occasionally. With 4200 SMS, you can frequently text all contacts for the month without worrying about deduction. The 3000MB high-speed data will enable seamless internet connectivity for 30 days for browsing, entertainment, and messaging needs. Overall, it presents a complete package for calling, texting, and internet requirements for an entire month at a good value.

Price (inc. tax)Ufone/PTCL MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSInternet Data (MBs)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 62520002254200300030 days*250#

Super Card Gold

Ufone Super Card Gold provides unlimited Ufone & PTCL minutes, 300 off-net minutes, unlimited SMS & 5GB internet for Rs. 999 monthly. Just dial *900# to activate it. With this premium monthly bundle, users can enjoy unlimited calls to Ufone and PTCL numbers across Pakistan without any limits.

It provides a true behesaab calling facility to connect with contacts on these networks freely all month. You also get 300 off-net minutes to call other mobile networks occasionally as needed. The unlimited SMS allows you to text all contacts without deduction worries frequently. And 5GB high-speed data offers smooth internet usage for 30 days for entertainment, messaging, and surfing. Overall, it provides a high-value monthly package for making unlimited Ufone/PTCL calls along with data and SMS benefits.

Price (inc. tax)Ufone/PTCL MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSInternet Data (GB)ValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 999Unlimited300Unlimited530 days*900#

Ufone Other Call Packages

Besides the bundles mentioned above, Ufone offers other deals on calls, internet data, and SMS. Let’s look at some of them:

Super Recharge Offer

This recharge offer gives 300 Ufone & PTCL minutes, 10 off-net minutes, 700 SMS & 100 MBs for 2 days at just Rs. 53. Ufone call packages 2 days code is *300#. With this offer, customers can enjoy 300 minutes of free Ufone and PTCL calls, valid for 2 days. The 10 off-net minutes provide some flexibility to call other networks occasionally as needed in the 2-day validity.

UFONE Other Call Packages

You also get 700 SMS and 100 MBs of data for messaging and internet use without a principal balance deduction for 2 days. Overall, it presents an acceptable package for Ufone/PTCL connectivity with some off-net minutes, SMS, and internet for short-term usage.

Price (inc. tax)Ufone/PTCL MinutesOff-net MinutesSMSInternet Data (MBs)ValidityActivation Code
Rs. 53300107001002 days*300#

Mini Super Card

Ufone’s Mini Super Card provides 500 Ufone & PTCL minutes, 75 off-net minutes, 600 MBs & 3500 SMS for 15 days at Rs. 330. Dial *230# to subscribe. This preloaded card offers excellent value for 15 days at just Rs. 330. You get 500 minutes to call Ufone/PTCL numbers conveniently for half a month. It also provides 75 off-net minutes for calling non-Ufone networks over the 15 days.

For messaging, you can avail of 3500 SMS without a balance deduction for the validity period. And 600MB data will provide ample internet access for 15 days for light browsing and using messaging apps. It presents a comprehensive connectivity solution through calling, SMS, and internet for 15 days at pocket-friendly rates.

Price (inc. tax)Ufone/PTCL MinutesOff-net MinutesInternet Data (MBs)SMSValiditySubscription Code
Rs. 33050075600350015 days*230#


Ufone offers many daily, weekly, and monthly call packages that suit customers’ needs and budgets. The daily bundles start from Rs. 6, weekly from Rs. 100, and monthly ones are available from Rs. 330 onwards. Customers can check details and subscribe conveniently by dialing activation codes from their Ufone numbers.


How can I check the call packages of Ufone?

You can check the latest Ufone call package by visiting their website or mobile app. Alternatively, dial *786# to view available packages.

Do Ufone bundles include off-net minutes?

Most Ufone bundles focus on providing free on-net minutes. However, some monthly and special bundles also give off-net minutes.

How to unsubscribe from a Ufone package?

To unsubscribe, dial the package removal code, usually 123package code#. You can also text REMOVE to 660 or contact the Ufone helpline.

Can I subscribe to two call packages of Ufone together?

No, you can only use one Ufone call package at a time. Your existing package will be overwritten.

Are these call packages valid on international calls?

No, these call packages only provide free minutes to local Pakistani mobile and landline numbers. International calls are charged separately.

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