Find the Perfect Ufone Internet Packages Prepaid for 2024 | Great Options Available!

Ufone offers a wide range of Ufone internet packages daily weekly monthly for its customers in Pakistan. From budget daily bundles to unlimited monthly plans, there is something for everyone. Let’s take a look at what Ufone has to offer:

Ufone Internet Package Daily

Ufone recognizes that customers’ daily data needs can vary from light social media use to heavy video streaming. That’s why they offer versatile daily bundles with pricing and data volumes tailored to different requirements. There are affordable ufone Daily Internet Packages packs with ample resources for messaging and social networking as well as higher volume options for all-day YouTube and Netflix bingeing.

For instance, their Social Daily bundle at just Rs 7 gives 100MB of data specifically for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Line. This is perfect for those who primarily use their phone for chatting and social media and don’t need huge amounts of data. At the other end, Mega Internet provides a generous 2GB of data from 12 AM to 12 PM midnight at Rs 22. Ideal for night owls who want to catch up on downloads or streaming without data worries when everyone else is asleep!

In between these two extremes, Ufone caters to all kinds of users. Their Special Daily bundle mixes 500MB of social data with 50MB of normal data for Rs 8. Ufone internet package daily light plan combines 40MB with 1GB social data at Rs 16. Daily Heavy gives a well-rounded package with 75MB of normal data and 1GB for messaging and social apps at Rs 20.

Ufone recognizes that data needs are often spontaneous so they offer a choice of daily internet packages.

The Social Daily bundle gives you 100MB specifically for activities like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, etc. at just Rs. 7. While the Daily Chat package combines 500MB of WhatsApp data with 10,000 SMS for endless conversations.

When you need unlimited data at night, activate the Mega Internet plan providing 2GB high-speed data from 12 AM to 8 AM at only Rs. 22. Or try the Daily Heavy bundle for well-rounded resources with enough data for messaging, social media, and streaming.

Ufone’s daily packages are perfect for topping up data while traveling or when you unexpectedly run out of resources and need quick, affordable access.

Ufone Internet Packages Daily

Some popular daily packages include:

Social Daily

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 7100MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)*4422#1 day

This is a great package for social media users who mainly use messaging and social apps. 100MB is enough for moderate usage of WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Special Daily

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 850MB + 500MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) (1 AM – 9 PM)*3461#1 day

With 500MB allocated for major social and messaging apps, this package allows you to chat, watch stories, scroll feeds, and more without worrying about data. You also get an extra 50MB for other background internet usage.

Daily Chat

PriceData VolumeSMSSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 6500MB (WhatsApp)10,000*3465#1 day

WhatsApp users who like to send audio notes, make calls, and engage actively will love this bundle. 500MB is great for heavy WhatsApp usage. 10,000 SMS are also bundled making this a great package overall.

Best Day Offer

PriceData VolumeMinutesSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 17500MB (Facebook)500 Ufone/PTCL*6060#1 day

If you spend a lot of time on Facebook and make calls to other Ufone/PTCL numbers, this is the package to get. It has generous resources for calling and Facebook usage.

Streaming Offer

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 12500MB (YouTube & Dailymotion)*78#1 hour

For short YouTube and Dailymotion watching sessions, this hourly bundle is quite handy. 500MB is ample for an hour of video streaming via these platforms.

Daily Light

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 16.5240MB data + 1GB (Social Media)*2256#1 day

With 1GB allocated for social apps, this takes care of messaging and social media needs. You get an extra 40MB of data for browsing, downloads, and other purposes.

Mega Internet

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 222GB (12 AM – 12 PM)*550#12 AM – 12 PM

This package is perfect for late-night owls who are awake at night and want to use data without limitations. 2GB from 12 AM to 12 PM is great for streaming, downloads, and browsing.

Daily Heavy

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 2075MB data + 1GB (Social Media)*2258#1 day

With enough data for social and messaging needs, plus 75MB for additional activities, this is a great all-around daily package for decently heavy usage.

Ufone Weekly Internet Packages

Nowadays we expect our smartphones to keep us connected 24/7 whether at home, work, or traveling. For non-stop internet availability throughout the week, Ufone offers Ufone internet package for a week with just the right amounts of data.

Their weekly plans include entry-level options like Super Internet with 1.5GB for Rs 160. This is suitable for users who mainly need maps, messaging, social, and occasional YouTube. At the same time, Weekly Heavy Internet provides a whopping 16GB of data for Rs 250. More than enough for gamers, video streamers and those downloading movies/shows regularly.

Ufone weekly bundles aren’t just about data though. Packages like Asli Chappar Phaar are designed for well-rounded connectivity. For Rs 140, it provides 1GB of data, 100 Ufone minutes for calls to friends & family, plus 100 SMS. You get resources to call, text, and use the internet as much as required throughout the week.

For even heavier usage, Weekly Internet Plus delivers 6GB of data and unlimited late-night data for Rs 260. So you can video call your loved ones abroad, watch Netflix for hours, and still have enough data left to get work done during busy weekday hours. Ufone certainly has weekly internet packages fully optimized for Pakistanis’ calling, messaging, and browsing habits.

Ufone provides great flexibility through its weekly internet packages that allow you to renew your data as per needs each week.

The Facebook Weekly offer gives you free unlimited access to Facebook so you can catch up with friends and stay updated without using your main data balance.

For users who indulge in a lot of streaming and surfing, bundles like Weekly 40GB and Weekly 20GB provide sufficient data volumes that renew automatically every week.

Traveling users will love the Weekly Super Offer that strikes the ideal balance between data for maps, messaging, social media, and occasional YouTube at an affordable price point.

Ufone’s weekly plans are also great as data top-ups when your main monthly bundle runs out mid-month. Just activate an additional weekly data plan to stay connected till month-end.

Ufone Internet Packages Weekly

Some notable weekly bundles include:

Super Internet

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 1601.5GB data*220#7 days

This is a nice budget weekly bundle providing 1.5GB of data for light internet usage throughout the week.

Weekly Internet Plus

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 2606GB data*260#7 days

With a generous 6GB of data, this package can handle most moderate to heavy usage like streaming, social media, downloads, etc. 3GB out of a total of 6GB can be used from 1 AM – 8 AM.

Ufone Monthly Internet Packages

Given our heavy reliance on smartphones, it makes sense to opt for monthly bundles that unlock unrestricted mobile internet. Ufone caters to light, moderate, and very heavy usage with monthly plans going up to 12GB of data and even unlimited in some Super Cards!

Those who primarily use WhatsApp, Facebook, and other messaging can get ufone internet package for Facebook and WhatsApp. For just Rs 75, it provides 1GB monthly data specifically for their favorite social and chat apps. For well-rounded use involving streaming, downloads plus social media, the Monthly Light plan at Rs 395 gives 2GB of social data and 1GB of normal data.

At the premium end, Monthly Max offers ufone internet package pubg a massive 12GB data for Rs 1418. Ideal for users who play PUBG or Call of Duty, watch Netflix for hours daily, and need plenty of data for work applications as well. With the unlimited data variants of Super Card Gold and Super Card Grand, you don’t even need to track your monthly data usage at all!

Ufone knows that in the era of 4G/LTE, we expect unlimited, lightning-fast data when using our smartphones every waking hour. Their range of open-ended monthly bundles is designed to deliver non-stop high-speed connectivity without breaking the bank. For any need from social networking to HD movie streaming, you can find a suitable Ufone monthly data package.

Ufone’s monthly internet packages are designed to meet the needs of heavy data users who rely on non-stop connectivity.

The Monthly 100GB plan provides an exceptionally large data volume for unrestricted HD video streaming, large file downloads, frequent video calls, and other bandwidth-heavy activities. With 100GB of high-speed data every month, you don’t need to worry about running out.

For users that want an all-in-one solution, the Monthly All in One (40GB + 50GB) package bundles 40GB of regular data with 50GB specifically for YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Now you can seamlessly switch between messaging friends, watching viral videos, uploading pics, and working online.

Ufone also offers monthly data plans like Monthly Light and Monthly Heavy with generous amounts of resources so you stay connected through the month without interruptions.

Ufone Internet Packages Monthly

Some of the most popular monthly packages include:

Social Monthly

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 751GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter)*5858#30 days

Excellent package for social media buffs! 1GB of data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter is plenty for active social app usage.

Monthly Light

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 3952GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) + 1GB*7807#30 days

One of the most popular monthly bundles, it provides sufficient data for social and regular internet usage. Good balance of 3GB overall.

Monthly Heavy

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 7302GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) + 3GB*803#30 days

With 5GB total data, this bundle can easily meet the needs of heavier users who stream, game, and download regularly.

Monthly Max

PriceData VolumeSubscription CodeValidity
Rs 14182GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line) + 10GB*5100#30 days

This is one of the highest data bundles from Ufone with a whopping 12GB of data! Ideal for extremely heavy usage.

Super Card Gold

PriceData VolumeValiditySubscription CodePriceData Volume
Rs 2502GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)30 days*3# > 1 > 4Rs 2502GB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)

Ufone’s Monthly Light Cashback Offer provides an excellent package with generous resources at a discounted price. For just Rs. 250, you get 2 GB of data specifically for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Line messaging/social apps.

Ufone Other Internet Packages

In addition to well-rounded daily, weekly, and monthly packages, Ufone offers some unique bundles designed for particular use cases and niche requirements. These include:

The 3-Day Bucket with 100MB data and 500MB social media data at Rs 30. Perfect for short trips out of town or weekends when you only need data for a few days. The Free Facebook offer lets you access Facebook Unlimited without data charges. A dream come true for dedicated FB addicts!

For the times when you urgently need data, minutes, and SMS quickly, there is the Power Hour bundle providing 60 units of each at Rs 8.2. Useful when you run out of resources suddenly and need an instant top-up. Ufone caters directly to customers’ specialized data needs with these tailored offerings.

Ufone Other Internet Packages

Besides standard daily, weekly, and monthly bundles, Ufone also offers some special-purpose internet packages including:

3 Day Bucket

PriceData VolumeValiditySubscription Code
Rs 30100MB3 days*3350#
500MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Line)

This 3-day bundle gives decent resources for short-term connectivity needs.


Ufone’s wide selection of daily, weekly, monthly, and special-purpose internet bundles ensures that every Pakistani user’s mobile data needs are fully met. Whether you are a daily social media chatterbox or 24×7 video streaming fanatic, student, or office worker, there are internet packages in Ufone right for your usage style, budget, and needs.

Ufone has strategically built data plans to suit our calling, messaging, and browsing habits. Their clear categorization and tiered data allotments across price points offer you transparency and choice. Now you can find the ideal data package that aligns perfectly with your unique mobile internet needs!


How do I subscribe to Ufone’s Social Daily bundle for Rs 7?

Dial *4422# to subscribe to Ufone’s Social Daily bundle, providing 100MB of data for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Line at just Rs 7 for 1 day.

Can I get a weekly internet package with unlimited late-night data from Ufone?

Yes, Ufone’s Weekly Internet Plus package offers 6GB of data with unlimited usage from 1 AM to 8 AM. Subscribe by dialing *260# for Rs 260, valid for 7 days.

What is the most affordable monthly internet package for light users on Ufone?

Ufone’s Social Monthly bundle priced at Rs 75 provides 1GB data for WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter. Dial *5858# to subscribe, and it is valid for 30 days.

Is there any unique Ufone internet package for short-term data needs?

Yes, Ufone offers a 3-Day Bucket for Rs 30, providing 100MB of data and 500MB for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, and Line. Subscribe by dialing *3350#; the validity is 3 days.

How can I quickly get data, minutes, and SMS in urgent situations with Ufone?

Ufone’s Power Hour bundle at Rs 8.2 offers 60 units of data, minutes, and SMS each. Dial *99# to subscribe, providing an instant top-up solution for urgent needs.

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