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WhatsApp has become an essential communication tool for many people. With over 500 million users worldwide, it is the most popular messaging app. Ufone WhatsApp Packages are offered by Ufone Network for its prepaid customers to stay connected with their friends and family on WhatsApp without worrying about their main balance. With Ufone WhatsApp package, you can use WhatsApp uninterrupted and unlimited, the way it is meant to be.

Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Ufone offers prepaid users some of the best monthly WhatsApp packages that provide ample data exclusively for WhatsApp usage. The monthly bundles ensure you can use WhatsApp for messaging, calling, sharing media, and everything else without any daily limits for an entire month. Some of the monthly plans also give extra full-fledged mobile internet data that can be used for other apps and websites besides WhatsApp. For Data usage you can visit Ufone Internet Packages.

With the reliability of a Ufone WhatsApp package monthly, you don’t have to worry about your WhatsApp data running out when you are on Ufone prepaid. Just subscribe to a monthly package once and enjoy unlimited WhatsApp for 30 days. Some popular monthly packages are the Ufone Monthly WhatsApp package, providing 6GB data at Rs. 99, and the Ufone Monthly Heavy package, with 2GB WhatsApp data and 3GB internet data at Rs. 780.

The convenience of unlimited WhatsApp for 30 days makes these monthly bundles from Ufone so attractive. You can make voice and video calls, have group chats, and share photos, songs, videos, documents, and much more on WhatsApp without considering your data limits. Ufone prepaid users who use WhatsApp regularly should definitely get a monthly WhatsApp package. and if someone who want monthly whatsApp packages with unlimited SMS bundle should visit Ufone SMS Packages.

Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Packages

Some of the top Ufone monthly WhatsApp packages are:

Ufone Monthly WhatsApp Package

This is Ufone’s standard monthly WhatsApp package, providing 6GB of data for WhatsApp. It is valid for 30 days and can be subscribed by dialing *987#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 996 GB WhatsApp data30 days*987#

Ufone Monthly Social Package

This monthly bundle offers 1GB of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter data. It is valid for 30 days and can be activated through *5858#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 781 GB WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter data30 days*5858#

Ufone Monthly Light Package

The Ufone Monthly Light Package is an excellent monthly bundle that provides dedicated WhatsApp and full mobile internet data. This package comes at a price of Rs. 390 and validates 30 days.

The total data offered in this package is 3GB, which includes 2GB for WhatsApp usage and 1GB for non-WhatsApp internet usage. The 2GB WhatsApp data allows unlimited messaging, calling, and media sharing on WhatsApp without worrying about data for one month. The 1GB of internet data can be used for general browsing, social media, videos, and other apps.

This is a balanced bundle providing sufficient data for WhatsApp as well as overall internet usage. Ufone prepaid users can subscribe to this package by dialing *7807# from their number. They can check the remaining data by dialing *706#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 3902 GB WhatsApp data + 1 GB internet30 days*7807#

Ufone Monthly Heavy Package

This package provides 2GB of WhatsApp and 3GB of mobile internet data for a month. The activation code is *803#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 7802 GB WhatsApp data + 3 GB internet30 days*803#

Ufone Weekly WhatsApp Packages

Ufone has some excellent weekly WhatsApp plan options for prepaid subscribers who want to use WhatsApp without data tensions for a week. The weekly WhatsApp packages offer ample data volume, so you don’t have to stress about your WhatsApp usage for 7 days.

The weekly plans are suitable if you want short-term WhatsApp access or don’t use WhatsApp heavily daily. With a weekly pack, you can subscribe every week per your requirement instead of a full month. One popular weekly WhatsApp bundle is the Ufone Weekly Light package with 250MB data at Rs. 50 and the Ufone Haftawar Offer with 500MB WhatsApp data and 75MB internet at Rs. 70.

With the Ufone WhatsApp package weekly, you can use WhatsApp for an entire week for your messaging, social sharing, and calling needs. The weekly plans provide cost-effective WhatsApp data so you always stay connected.

Some of the top weekly WhatsApp packages from Ufone are:

Ufone Weekly Light Package

This weekly package offers 250MB of data for WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It can be activated through *7811#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 50250 MB of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter data7 days*7811#

Ufone Weekly Special Package

This weekly package from Ufone provides 500MB of WhatsApp data, valid for 7 days. It can be subscribed by dialing *3350#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 30500 MB WhatsApp data7 days*3350#

Ufone Haftawar Offer

This weekly bundle provides 500MB of WhatsApp data and 75MB of mobile internet. The activation code is *2257#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 70500 MB WhatsApp data + 75 MB internet7 days*2257#

Ufone Daily WhatsApp Packages

Ufone has awesome daily WhatsApp packages for prepaid users who just need WhatsApp access for a day or two. These single-day bundles offer great value if you have short-term WhatsApp requirements and don’t use them heavily daily. The daily plans provide ample data for using WhatsApp for 1 full day till midnight.

The affordability of the daily WhatsApp offers makes them quite popular. Some popular packages include Ufone Daily Light with 500MB WhatsApp data and 40MB internet at Rs. 12 and Ufone Daily Social with 100MB WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter data at just Rs. 6.

Ufone’s exciting daily WhatsApp packs are a cost-effective way to stay connected on WhatsApp whenever you need it, without spending too much. Just subscribe to the daily bundle when required and enjoy unlimited WhatsApp for the day. The daily packages provide flexibility and convenience for prepaid users’ WhatsApp needs.

Ufone Daily WhatsApp Packages

Some of the top daily WhatsApp plans from Ufone are:

Ufone Daily Light Package

This package offers 500MB of WhatsApp data and 40MB of internet for 1 day. It can be activated through *2256#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 12500 MB WhatsApp data + 40 MB internet1 day*2256#

Ufone Daily Chat Package

This daily bundle offers 500MB of WhatsApp data and 10,000 SMS valid for one day. The activation code is *3465#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 6500 MB WhatsApp data + 10,000 SMS1 day*3465#

Ufone Daily Social Package

This bundle provides 100MB of WhatsApp, Facebook, and Twitter data, valid for 1 day. The code is *4422#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 6100 MB of WhatsApp, Facebook & Twitter data1 day*4422#

Ufone Daily Unlimited WhatsApp Offer

This offer provides unlimited WhatsApp for one day at Rs. 5. It can be activated by dialing *987#.

PriceVolumeValidityActivation Code
Rs. 5500 MB WhatsApp data1 day*987#

How to Subscribe to these WhatsApp Packages

Subscribing to these WhatsApp packages is very simple:

  • Dial the activation code for your preferred WhatsApp bundle from your Ufone number.
  • You will receive a confirmation message on a successful subscription.
  • Check your remaining WhatsApp data by dialing *706#.
  • Recharge your prepaid account if required to subscribe to the package.

Key Things to Remember

  • These WhatsApp packages are for prepaid users only.
  • The packages will not auto-renew; you have to re-subscribe after validity.
  • Out-of-bundle WhatsApp usage will be charged from your main account balance.
  • You can make VoIP calls on WhatsApp using the data.
  • The speeds may vary depending on location and network congestion.


Staying connected with friends and family is crucial today, and WhatsApp has become the preferred way for millions of users. Ufone facilitates this by offering prepaid subscribers fantastic WhatsApp bundles through monthly, weekly, and daily packages. Ufone’s WhatsApp plans meet everyone’s needs with ample data and pocket-friendly prices. So, dial the activation code and subscribe to a suitable Ufone WhatsApp package today for non-stop WhatsApp! Switch to Ufone prepaid, and you’ll never have to think twice before sending that funny video or calling your loved ones on WhatsApp again.


How to unsubscribe from a Ufone WhatsApp package?

To unsubscribe, dial the deactivation code, which is the same as the activation code for most bundles.

Can I use WhatsApp video calling with Ufone WhatsApp packs?

Yes, video calling is allowed using the data provided in the WhatsApp bundles.

Do Ufone WhatsApp packs work on 2G/3G/4G networks?

These WhatsApp packages work on all 2G, 3G, and 4G networks.

Can I accumulate data from multiple WhatsApp packs?

You cannot accumulate or carry unused WhatsApp data to the next validity.

Are Ufone WhatsApp packs available for postpaid customers?

Currently, the WhatsApp bundles are only available for Ufone prepaid subscribers.

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