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“ZONG stands out as the top network operator, offering unparalleled packages. Introducing the convenient ZONG All In One Packages for users, eliminating the hassle of activating multiple bundles. Now, simply activate the all-in-one bundle and enjoy extended validity. For loyal ZONG customers and avid callers, exploring these packages is a must.” ZONG Call Packages.

ZONG Daily All-In-One Packages

Founded in  2008, ZONG has achieved spectacular figures with limited concentration time. The organization belongs to China Mobile Pakistan, which is one of the largest ongoing communication organizations in Pakistan and China. 

Since 2008, Zong has continuously focused on low-cost internet access. Being the largest system for 4G customers, ZONG is pleased to announce the owner of both 3G and 4G LTE licenses simultaneously. It was the main system that launched the 4G setup across Pakistan. ZONG Super Daily offers customers 300 internet minutes and 150 MB network for one day at  Rs 17 including taxes; the offer can be purchased by dialing *212# and *212*2# to check the status selection. 

ZONG Super Student Bundle The kit offers its customer unlimited ZONG tO ZONG minutes and 30MB network for 1 day and is priced at  Rs 5 inclusive of taxes and the offer can be purchased at *5555#. ZONG Super Student Bundle pack offers its customers unlimited ZONG TO ZONG minutes and 30MB network for  1 day at  5 rupees only including payment and the offer can be purchased at *5555#.

Super Student Bundle

To subscribe*5555#
Internet data30 MBs
On net minutesUnlimited
Validity1 Day ( 2 Hours )
Subscription feeRS 13 incl. Tax
ZONG Number check code*8#

ZONG Unlimited

To subscribe*522#
Internet data1 MBs
On net minutesUnlimited
Call chargesRS 0.15
Validity1 Day
Subscription feeRS 14 incl. Tax
ZONG Balance check code*222#

ZONG Weekly All-In-One

ZONG Weekly Unlimited offers its customers unlimited internet minutes and 1050 SMS in one day at Rs 63 including taxes; the offer can be purchased at Send “PK7” TO 522.ZONG’s other offer All In One Week offers its customers 1000 ZONG-ZONG minutes, 40 other network minutes,1000 SMS, and 1000 MB network minutes at Rs.200. 

The customer purchases this offer by dialing *6464# andgt;4 and gt;1 and gt;2 OR text and quot; Weekly150andquot; to the number 6464. Currently, ZONG is introducing regional mix packs in your city at unbelievable costs. Customers residing in the Punjab region can also visit their nearest dealer and apply for the Apna Shehr Punjab membership offer. 

ZONG’s second offer Apna Shehr Punjab is offering its customers an additional 150 net minutes and 6GB net at Rs 164 including taxes. The customer purchases this offer by sending *2222# >1. ZONG Second Offer Haftawar Load Offer to offer its customers 5000 ZONG-ZONG minutes, 80 extra net minutes, 5000 SMS, and 5GB net at Rs 250 inclusive of taxes for the customer to purchase this offer by dialing *70#.

ZONG Weekly Unlimited

To subscribeSend PK7 TO 522
ZONG MinutesUnlimited
Per Day150
Validity7 Days
Subscription feeRS 70 incl. Tax
ZONG advance balance code*911#

All In One Weekly

To subscribe*6464# >4>1>>2
Internet data3 GBs
On net minutes5000
Off-net minutes60
Validity7 Days
Subscription feeRS 2110 incl. Tax
Advance Loan code*911#
ZONG Weekly all in one packages

ZONG Monthly All-In-One Packages

ZONG Monthly Super Card

To subscribe*50#
Internet data6 GB
ZONG MinutesUnlimited
Off-net minutes250
Validity30 Days
Subscription feeRS 800 incl. Tax
ZONG Monthly all in one packages


We’ve summarized the comprehensive All In One ZONG Package, including valuable details on Daily, Weekly, and Monthly plans. Users can effortlessly activate the bundle that suits their requirements. ZONG also offers… ZONG SMS Packages.

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