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Take one Step into the world of quick conservation with the ZONG Daily SMS Package – where every message becomes a story.

In today’s fast world messaging has become the fastest and simplest way to connect with their family and friends. This ZONG Daily SMS Package ensures you remain in contact with your loved ones at every time at every place all over Pakistan. ZONG has also introduced many more unique and valuable internet offers including the ZONG New SIM offer, Jazz Weekly All Network Package, and ZONG 2-hour Non-stop offer.

Text messages are like small digital notes that help you to share thoughts, news, and many more things in just a few words. People also use short text messages which is also helpful in privacy only the person knows what is written. With ZONG SMS Package Daily users will get a bunch of messages to use every day

The best part of this ZONG SMS Package Daily is that this package is available for a cheap price and easy to use. we have compiled all the related information about this ZONG Package in this Article.

ZONG SMS Package Daily details

Below we have compiled a list of 6 different ZONG SMS Package Daily on the ZONG network including SMS and other resources. Now ZONG prepaid customers can easily activate one of these offers according to their needs.

Let’s uncover all these bundles one by one.

1. Daily Zulu SMS Bundle

The daily Zulu SMS bundle is your full ticket to enjoy full access to messaging and the touch of the internet. this offer is one of the best offer from ZONG SMS Package Daily.

Daily Zulu SMS Bundle

If you are a regular customer or someone who wants to remain in touch with their loved ones all the time this package is a great choice for him. With this bundle, the user will get 500 SMS.

But that’s not all!

This unique offer also includes 1 MB of internet data allowing you to check your Emails. Browse the web, and use messaging apps. this bundle the combinations of SMS and the perks of the internet to cover all your communication skills.


To subscribe*704#
Internet data1 MB
Validity 1 Day
Subscription priceRS 4 incl. Tax

Offer charges

The main thing that makes this offer more interesting is that this offer can be activated at the price of RS 4 incl. Tax.

Activation code

Users can activate this bundle by dialing *704#.

Deactivation Code

If users want to deactivate this bundle they just need to send UNSUB to 704 and then they receive a confirmation SMS. After this, the package will deactivated.

2. Daily SMS Plus WhatsApp Bundle

The daily SMS Plus WhatsApp Bundle is a customized offer for those who love chatting and can’t resist using WhatsApp.

Daily SMS Plus WhatsApp Bundle

This package offers 500 SMS, 1 MB of standard internet data, and including with extra 30MBs for social WhatsApp purposes. With this ZONG SMS Package Daily, users can easily send and receive SMS throughout the day and can enjoy browsing the web and reading Emails. On top of this users can benefit from 30 MBs by sending and receiving SMS including chats videos and photos.


To subscribe*700#
Internet Data1 MB, and 30 MBs extra for WhatsApp
Validity 1 Day
Subscription feeRS 7incl. Tax

Offer charges

This bundle is cost you only for RS 7 incl. Tax.

Activation code

You can activate this bundle by simply dialing *700#.

This bundle can be activated by searching for the offer name on the official website.

Deactivation code

To deactivate this bundle just type UNSUB and send it to 700.

3. Daily HELLO 1 din offer

It’s a delightful package designed to give you more flexibility in your daily communications experience.

Daily Hello 1 din offer

With the daily Hello 1 din offer users will get 150 on-net minutes, with these minutes users can remain in touch with their friends and family members who are also on the ZONG network. In addition to 150 on-net minutes, users also get 150 SMS to share updates, jokes, news, and many more things on texting.

But that is not all!

With this unique bundle, users get 50 MBs of data to browse the web, search, and check Emails.


To subscribe*2200*1#
Internet data50 MBs
On net minutes150
Validity1 Day
Subscription feeRS 13 incl. Tax

Offer charges

Users will be charged RS 13 incl. Tax for the activation of this bundle.

Activation code

To activate this  ZONG daily 1 din offer simply dial *2200*1#.

4. Daily Flutter Package

The daily flutter package is your gateway to a day full of cost-effective communications.

Daily Flutter Package

This ZONG SMS Package Daily offers a combination of 120 on-net minutes, 120 SMS, and 50 MBs of data to ensure you are always connected with your loved ones.

With this package, you can send and receive 120 SMS throughout the day sharing updates and many more things. this package also includes 120 minutes, users can make contact with their family members or friends who are on the ZONG network.

In addition to SMS and calling features, users also get 50 MBs of data.


To subscribe*369#
On net minutes120
Internet data50
Validity1 Day
Subscription feeRs 17 incl. Tax

Offer charges

You will be charged RS 17 incl. Tax for activation of this bundle.

Activation code

You just need to dial *369# for the activation of this unique bundle.

5. Daily Full Gup Package

This bundle is all about making your day full of communication options.

Daily Full Gup Package

With this ZONG SMS Package Daily, users will get 100 SMS, 75 on-net minutes, and 30 MBs to ensure they are always connected with others using texting calling or browsing.

With this package, users can send or receive 100 SMS throughout the day which makes your loved ones more closer. In addition to SMS users also get 75 on-net minutes. This bundle includes 30 MBs of data. This data can be used for many purposes like browsing, checking emails, and many other things on the internet.


To subscribe*118*1#
Internet data30 MBs
On net minutes75
Validity1 Day
Subscription feeRS 5 incl. Tax

Offer charges

You will be charged RS 5 incl. Tax for activation.

Activation Code

You can simply dial *118*1# to activate this bundle.

6. ZONG Sixer Plus offer

The ZONG Sixer Plus offer is a communication package designed for those who need extensive calling, texting, and browsing from 6 AM to 6 PM.

ZONG Sixer plus offer

With this ZONG SMS Package Daily, users will get unlimited off-net minutes. With these minutes users can easily make a call to a number that is not operated by ZONG Network. In addition, users will also get 500 SMS. but that’s not all users also get 1 MB of data for browsing or checking Emails.

Remember one thing all these resources can be useful from 6 AM to 6 PM on the activation day.


To subscribe*666#
Internet data1 MB
Off-net minutesunlimited
Validity1 Day 
Subscription feeRS 8 incl. Tax


In this article, we have provided 6 different ZONG SMS packages daily. Now user can activate one package from one of them according to their need. We highly recommend you keep more balance in your account as government taxes are changing. users can easily activate the ZONG SMS Package Daily.

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