ZONG Mahana Voice Offer | Super Code *36# | Enjoy Non-Stop Calling for a Whole Month!

The ZONG Mahana Voice Offer is a special treat for loyal ZONG customers. ZONG, your dynamic partner in keeping pace with the world, consistently understands and addresses your needs. It strives to introduce fantastic bundles that cater to all customer requirements.

Imagine relishing 100 ZONG minutes daily without any call setup charges.

Mahana Voice Offer

With this Monthly Voice offer enjoy a whole month of staying in touch with loved ones without worrying the running out of minutes or facing extra charges. Now is the time to leave and say goodbye to the expensive and complicated packages and enter the ZONG World with Ease.

ZONG Monthly Voice Offer Details

You know? It’s more than just an offer!

Yes, it is a way to connect you with your family. With 100 ZONG minutes daily, you can share thoughts, jokes, laughter, and many more things without worrying about the short of minutes. It is a heart-to-heart conservation, and this offer ensures that you never get disappointed during a call due to running out of minutes.

Are you concerned about how good the call quality is?

You don’t actually have to be anything at all! ZONG is known for exceptional network coverage and amazing ZONG Internet Packages, that provide crystal-clear talk to make you feel at home anywhere. At a low price, this package offers a handsome bundle of ZONG to ZONG minutes for the whole month. Now you can easily catch up with old friends, and easily make contact with family, friends, and colleagues. Through this offer, you can communicate for the whole month without worry of additional charges.

ZONG Mahana Voice Offer Details


Package NameDetailsSubscriptionCharges
Mahana Voice OfferUnlimited ZONG minutesDial *36#Validity 30 DaysRS 170 incl. Tax

Offer Chagres

If you subscribed to ZONG Mahana Voice offer you will be charged RS 160 incl. Tax. for this cheap price you get a validity of 100 ZONG minutes daily for the whole month. 

ZONG Monthly Voice Offer Load

Before activating this bundle just recharge your account for more than 200. So you can easily activate this ZONG Package.

ZONG Monthly Voice Offer Code

For the activation of this unique bundle, you have to dial the Mahana Voice Offer Code *36# and Boom! This offer is only for Punjab so search it on My ZONG App and subscribe without any worry. You can activate this ZONG Package from the official site.

ZONG Mahana Voice Offer Code

ZONG Monthly Voice Offer Unsubscribe Code

This ZONG Package is non-recursive. After the validity, it is automatically unsubscribed and if you want to activate it again then you have to dial ZONG Monthly Voice Offer Code. during validity, you can unsubscribe to this ZONG Package through My ZONG App.


This Monthly Voice Offer is only available in the Punjab Province. You can also check the regional hybrid bundles like Mahana Punjab Offer ZONG and ZONG Monthly Supreme Punjab


We have provided all the related info about this ZONG Package in this article. Now you can benefit from this article to get more knowledge about this bundle. So you can activate the bundle and get 100 ZONG Calls Minutes Daily. This offer is so wonderful for ZONG customer who always remain in touch with their loved ones on call.

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