ZONG SMS Packages Flow Your Text | Best and Top SMS Bundles for Every Need in 2024

ZONG, the fastest and most reputable operator, unveils cost-effective SMS packages. Here, we present a compiled list of ZONG SMS Packages on a Daily, Weekly, and Monthly basis for our readers’ convenience. ZONG prepaid users can effortlessly activate their preferred SMS package based on validity and individual needs.”

ZONG SMS Package Daily

On January 22, 2007, Millicom International Cellular S.A. expressed that it would sell its 88.86 percent stake in Paktel Limited to China Mobile for $284 million, which incorporates the compensation of intercompany obligation. The deal indicates a task an incentive for Paktel of $460 million, Millicom said in its decent statement. Merrill Lynch exhorted China Mobile on the exchange.  ZONG also providing the best ZONG Call Packages at a remarkable rates.

ZONG Daily Zulu SMS Bundle is a far much less highly-priced SMS package deal deal which offers its clients 500 SMS on any machine for a period of at some point at the pace of 3 embody tax; the offer can be offered with the resource of the use of dialing *704# on your tempo dial and in case you need to withdraw this offer deliver a UNSUB message to 704. 

ZONG SMS Packages Daily

It has a bit of the overall business enterprise of about 21% among Mobecular administrators inside the nation. ZONG SMS bundles incorporate day with the resource of the use of day, week with the resource of the use of week, month to month, and specific SMS bundles. ZONG offers a moderate everyday SMS package deal deal ZONG Prepaid Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle which gives 500 SMS on any machine for a period of at some point at the pace of 4 embody tax alongside the offer can be offered with the resource of the use of dialing *700# and in case you need to withdraw this offer deliver a UNSUB message to 700.

ZONG Zulu SMS Bundle

To subscribe*704#
Internet data1 MBs
Validity1 Day
Subscription feeRS 4 incl. Tax
Status check code*102*3#
ZONG Balance check code*222#
ZONG advance loan code*911#

Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

To subscribe*700#
Internet data30 MBs ( for WhatsApp Use )
Validity1 Day
Subscription feeRS 7 incl. Tax
Status check code*102*3#
ZONG Number check code*8#

ZONG SMS Package Weekly

Based in Islamabad, ZONG is a mobile device operator providing voice and data services, including postpaid and pay-as-you-go plans, along with 2G, 3G, and 4G services. The company also offers mobile banking and seamless communication. Acquiring a license from Millicom International Cellular SA, a telecommunications and media company, ZONG has become the leading overseas connection of China Mobile, authorized to operate as a GSM network in Pakistan.

ZONG is upheld through exquisite interchanges, sample placing patron administrations, and unheard-of object presenting and administrations that have re-imagined the requirements of the game. ZONG bundles supply Prepaid and Postpaid customers with the possibility to always stay related to their partners and family. 

ZONG SMS Package Weekly

ZONG Prepaid Weekly SMS Bundle is one of the maximum widely applied bundles because it gives 1500 SMS on any device for a multi-week on the tempo of 17 consisting of tax they provide may be offered through dialing *702# to your velocity dial and you can withdraw this provide ship a UNSUB message to 700. ZONG introduced the Internet ZONG Packages.

Weekly SMS Package

To subscribe*702#
Internet data200 MBs
Advance loan code*911#
Status check code*102*3#
Subscription feeRS 30 incl. Tax
ZONG Number check code*8#

ZONG SMS Package Monthly

ZONG supporters can activate all ZONG SMS packages online through the My ZONG app; you just download the app to buy the package of your decision or you can start any package with ZONG SMS Packages membership codes. ZONG offers a wide range of SMS packages. 

The important idea is to allow people to make perfect choices with their friends and family. ZONG creates a peaceful situation where you don’t have to deal with income and restriction issues. ZONG prepaid monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle offers customers 30MB of WhatsApp for one day during the month and 15,000 SMS on any system at 50 tariff rates. 

This offer can be purchased by dialing *705 # and to cancel the offer, send UNSUB to 705.   ZONG awakens and engages the people of Pakistan with the inventive advances that accompany today’s fast-paced innovative society. 

ZONG SMS Packages Monthly

To grow its wings in all corners of involvement, without qualifying on the way, and most importantly, to keep in the network wherever they go, ZONG characterizes its prudence and development of different customers and the value of embodied management. ZONG enables and empowers its customers to benefit from the most ideal versatile network packages that are not offered anywhere else in the country, making the experience truly unique.

Monthly SMS + WhatsApp Bundle

To subscribe*705#
Internet MBs per day30 MBs
SMS per day500
Subscription feeRS 80 incl. Tax
ZONG Number check code*8#
ZONG advance loan code*911#


All SMS Packages ZONG are given there. For the ease of our reader, we have compiled these packages at Daily, Weekly, And Monthly Base. So users can easily choose their favorite bundle according to their bundle and need.

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